Are you an “Angel Company”?

  • Yes, we find ourselves being labeled as such! For complete copyright policy information, please read the Copyright Policy page.

Do you have a retail store?

  • No, we are strictly a mail order and Internet company.

Do you make custom stamps?

  • No, we do not. Custom stamps are most economically produced using laser-engraving technology. We operate on magnesium plate technology, which is great for producing 5,000 of something, but rather cost prohibitive for “one ups.”

Do you sell wholesale?

  • Yes, we wholesale to retail store fronts. If you are interested in carrying our line of rubber stamps please e-mail info@100proofpress.com for information.

How do you mount stamps?

  • Using our Gray Cling Foam Cushion you will need: An un-mounted, untrimmed rubber stamps, the cushion and an acrylic block.
    1) Remove backing of paper from the sticky side of the cushion
    2) Apply untrimmed stamp to cushion
    3) Trim with sharp scissors, cutting through rubber, cushion, and backing paper at the same time, being careful not to undercut
    4) Peel off the backing paper and apply the stamp to a clean dry acrylic block

What does unmounted, trimmed on cling foam and mounted mean?

  • If you choose unmounted, you will receive a piece of rubber unmounted and untrimmed and you will mount the rubber yourself.
    If you choose the cling foam option you will get a neatly trimmed image on a gray cushion that will cling to an acrylic block (the block does NOT come with the stamp).
    If you choose the mounted option you will get a stamp image stuck to a wood block, ready for stamping.

What is “trimmed on a cushion”?

  • Buying stamps “trimmed on a cushion” is a great middle of the read step to mounting your own. The rubber image (or die) is adhered to 1/8th inch thick gray foam cushion and trimmed closely on a Hanger scroll saw. The backside of the cushion will cling to an acrylic block. The product you receive is ready for you to just peel off the backing and stick onto an acrylic block.

What sizes are the images?

  • In our print catalog the images are reproduced their actual size, making it easy for you to see what you're getting. On the Internet, however, size changes according to browsers and monitors. When shopping at our online site, the actual size of each image is listed right under the description of each stamp. Getting the catalog is still the best way for you to view our collection.